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Zorx - the official website

Welcome to the official website for zorx, a clone for the famous Bust-a-move/Puzzle Bobble series. On this website, you can find out about how the development of zorx is going (you can do that from the "News" section below), you can download the game, try to join the development team, contact us, and more!

You can get more information about zorx from its SourceForge summary page.


Zorx 0.2 Released

Zorx 0.2, a Bust-a-move/Puzzle Bobble clone, has been released. The new version includes the beginnings of a menu system. It also is somewhat faster than the previous version.

Its been quite a while since the last release, but neither of us have had too much time to work on it. I am expecting the next version to support more of the rules of the game (i.e. winning, losing, falling down, etc.) After that, we will work on making the game more user-friendly.

Have fun!

Zorx 0.1 Released

Zorx 0.1, the prototype for the new Puzzle-Bobble/Bust-a-move clone has been released. Zorx is now looking for developers and artists to be on its development team. As a prototype, it is still lacking in many aspects, especially nice graphics and a user interface. In fact, the background was just scribbled in a paint program just to test that it works. Many basic rules of the game have not been implemented (like winning or losing) and funny things happen to bubbles that are shot below the line (i.e. they don't pop).

Nevertheless, I have high hopes for zorx! After some developers and artists are recruited, we will turn zorx in the best game that ever was! No linux distribution will even think of not providing it as at least an optional package. It will be the funnest game that ever existed.

Yeah. Well, anyway, look around our website and, if you are a programmer or artist, consider contributing to the general good of the world by contributing to this project.

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