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Download Zorx

Zorx is available from its official download page. However, you should read below to find out which files you should download. You will need SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), a tool used by Zorx, in some form or another (see below).

The current version of zorx has several different downloadable files, depending on your operating system and other system details.


In linux/unix, only sources are available. You will have to install it with the instructions given below. RPMs are not available, nor are they likely to be available until a more stable release is produced.

In order to install in linux or unix, you will need SDL, available from their website. It is entirely possible that there are premade packages of SDL for your distribution/operating system. It is also likely that if you have any games, SDL will already be installed.

To install from the source in a *nix system (make sure you have SDL installed correctly), type:

tar -xvf (insert name of file release here).tar.gz
cd zorx


Zorx is available in several different formats for Windows:

  • If you already have SDL installed on your system (available from their website), then you can download the file called zorx_version_number_windows_executableonly.zip.
  • If you do not have SDL, you can download the version which comes with SDL, called zorx_version_number_windows_executableonly_sdlincluded.zip.
  • If you would like to play around with the source code of zorx of the latest stable version (you will need SDL), download the one entitled zorx_version_number_windows.zip.
  • Have fun! (and report any bugs you find or any features you think would be appropriate, please)

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