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How to Play Zorx

If you don't know the rules for zorx, then you have been living in a cave for a very long time. However, just in case you have, here is how to play. Since zorx does not yet support multi-player mode, this temporary web page (it will eventually be replaced by in-game instructions) will only explain how to play a single-player game.

The object of the game is to clear the screen of all bubbles.

You control the little "cannon" at the bottom of the screen (at the moment, the canon is represented by a white triangle). Use the left, right and up arrow keys to control it. Then, use the control button to shoot the bubble held by the cannon. The bubble displayed in the bottom right corner is the bubble which will next be loaded into the canon.

When you shoot, the bubble follows the direction in which the cannon was facing. It bounces of the side walls and "sticks" to the first bubble (or ceiling) that it hits. If, when you shoot a bubble, it matches colours with at least 2 more bubbles in a row, then the bubbles will pop and disappear. Also, if any bubbles are left suspended in mid-air because of the pop, they will fall away, never to be seen again (at least in single-player mode). The game is over when you either clear away all the bubbles (that's called winning) or one of your bubbles attaches itself below the bottom line (that's called losing).

The rules are actually slightly more complicated, but I haven't implemented all of them, so this should be enough to go by for now.

Have fun!

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